About Orsalus
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At its core, Orsalus synthesizes two distinct disciplines: software technology and healthcare management. By combining proprietary cloud-based technologies with extensive experience in clinical practice, medical travel, and health concierge services, we have created a novel, streamlined communications platform that recognizes and services a continuum of vital healthcare checkpoints.

We identify the necessary activities and risk factors involved in health management, deliver solutions that focus on patient experience, and apply our technology to a myriad of healthcare challenges around the globe. To do so, we develop, optimize and integrate comprehensive suites of healthcare management resources that span all pertinent segments of healthcare delivery.

We have connected thousands of health providers, disease experts, researchers, and medical supporters, and helped coordinate their efforts to support good health for patients in need. Our innovative technology allows us to implement a series of platforms that are capable of delivering flexible healthcare management solutions for a host of diseases and conditions, as well as patients, providers, and claims institutions.